Terms and Conditions Thame Art Crawl October 2024


  • Thame Art Crawl: refers to the Event being run 15th – 19th October 2024
  • The Organisers: refers to the team (primarily volunteers) involved in coordinating the event. Artists exhibiting at Thame Art Crawl can be part of the Organising team, aiding with event administration, helping  to practically set up and promote the event.
  • Town Centre Venue: refers to the venue allocated to individual applicants as part of the Thame Art Crawl entry process and includes exhibition space for all days of the event. These are spaces secured by the Organisers within Town Centre Businesses.
  • The Artist: refers to you.


As an exhibitor during Thame Art Crawl you are joining a collaboration of  artists and makers, working together to provide this opportunity to show work and sell to the public. To ensure the success of Thame Art Crawl we ask the Artist agree to the following before submitting their expression of interest/entry forms.


  • All Thame Art Crawl entries will be allocated on the basis of one person per entry, with priority given to professional artists, local to Thame and surrounding areas. However, if an Artists Group collaborate in the production and creation of all their work then it is acceptable to apply as a single Thame Art Crawl entry.
  • Applications must be completed in full or will not be accepted.
  • Fees must be paid in full within 30 days of receiving an invoice for you participation in the event otherwise you place will be re-allocated.
  • Cancellation policy – if an artist decides to withdraw from Thame Art Crawl before 31 August, we will refund your participation fee. Cancellations after 31 August will be non-refundable due to the costs already incurred.
  • Once accepted, The Artist must notify The Organisers as soon as possible of any change of their contact details prior to the event.  ( Some people may have alternative email addresses – please note that the email address provided on the application form will be used for all correspondence.)


  • The Artist commits to providing high quality and finished pieces of work, in keeping with the images provided in their Application form.
  • The Artist commits to label their art work clearly with a price using the branded Thame Art Crawl label template provided.
  • If the Artist would like to be present  to demonstrate their art work during the event, then the Organisers will do their best to accommodate this, but it cannot be guaranteed.
  • The Artist understands that neither the Venue nor the Organisers can be held responsible for any damage or theft to art work as a result of involvement in the event, this includes times when The Artist is not present with their work. The Artist commits to obtaining Insurance to cover any damage to their art work as a result of it being exhibited at as part of Thame Art Crawl.
  • The Organisers reserve the right to decline entries which are deemed not to be in the spirit of Thame Art Crawl e.g. an entry which is predominantly an advertising opportunity for a business.
  • The Organisers will bear no responsibility or liability for any further business that may ensue from an Artist’s participation in Thame Art Crawl.
  • After the event, the Artist agrees to complete and return an evaluation form (to be provided by the Organisers) providing details on visitor numbers and feedback on the overall experience of the event by the date requested. (This feedback is essential in providing us with a full picture of how the event is fairing year on year and to provide necessary information for reporting to the Organisers, sponsors and supporters).


Thame Art Crawl is curated as a single exhibition across several venues. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that all artists participating are allocated a space suited to the work they produce, due to the pop up nature of the event, spaces will vary significantly in nature.

  • By applying to be part of Thame Art Crawl, the Artist consents to The Organisers determining the most appropriate venue for their work. When notified of the town centre venue allocated Artists will have 2 weeks to confirm their acceptance of this town centre venue in writing. If the offered town centre venue is unacceptable to the Artist and they decline it, the Organisers will then offer that town centre venue to an alternative Artist on the list. Where possible an alternative town centre venue will be found, but The Organisers cannot guarantee this.
  • Once the town centre venue is agreed the Artist will be expected to liaise directly with the Venue manager to finalise the layout arrangement of their work and agree a time for setting up and taking down of their exhibition.
  • The Artists are responsible for arranging the taking of payment for the sale of their work. This must not fall to the venue. It is up to the Artist to leave clear information about what should happen when they are not present in the venue and must ensure that clear contact details are left on site when they are not present. The only exceptions to this are for commercial Galleries/Thame Museum for whom Thame Art Crawl is operated as a part of their normal trading pattern. In these circumstances a commission arrangement may be in place and Artists are responsible for finding out the details about this and agreeing to it before accepting the town centre venue
  • The Organisers reserve the right to curate the exhibits in each of the town centre venue, to ensure the art work is shown to its full potential.
  • At all times the Artist must remember that they are exhibiting in a Business Premises and therefore the Artist must accept the opening times and needs of the host business.
  • The event relies on the good will of the businesses which host the exhibitions for free. Although businesses do commit to support the event, Thame Art Crawl cannot accept responsibility for any town centre venue becoming suddenly unavailable, for example due to closure. Where loss of a town centre venue occurs due to situations outside the control of the Artist, a full refund of their entry fee will be given.
  • Artists chosen by the Organisers to exhibit in Greyhound Walk will be required to display their work within multiple shops to the showcase spaces agreed.


  • The Organisers commit to creating and updating a website for the event.
  • The Organisers agree to publicize the event including social media, local press releases, posters, leaflets, links to local radio and advertisement in relevant publications (subject to budgets). Whilst every effort will be taken to ensure the profile of the event is high, The Organisers cannot be held responsible for other organisations choosing not to publicise the event as hoped.
  • The  Artists exhibiting in Thame Art Crawl are actively encouraged to play an active part in advertising and promoting the Thame Art Crawl event.
  • The Organisers will provide the Artist with an Event Pack which includes promotional flyers, posters and Social Media content for sharing.
  • The Artist accepts that if they do not provide high quality images alongside their entry form, they will not receive the same profile as other artists in the exhibition until they do. If provided late the images may not be displayed immediately once received. A helpful photography hints and tips guide will be available on the website for Artists.
  • Once Artist profiles are created for proof reading for an approval deadline,  if no response is given by the Artist for amendments by this date, the Organisers will take this as confirmation the content is correct.
  • The Artist agrees to support the promotion of the event by distributing flyers and posters where possible for them to do so.
  • The Artist agrees to promote Thame Art Crawl through any online presence that they have.  The Artist will also aim to share and comment on posts shared by other participating Artists to help promote the event. In these posts the Artist will aim to incorporate the following:
    • #thameartcrawl #thame
    • Link to @thameartcrawl sites on Instagram and Facebook
  • Whilst every effort will be made to ensure the accuracy of information included in the Thame Art Crawl flyers/website, The Organisers cannot be held responsible for any omissions or mistakes which occur, but agree to amend any mistakes where possible.

DATE TO NOTE:  31 July 2024 for all application forms to be completed and returned.  This is to aid the Event Organising Team to allocation businesses and commence publicity requirements. 

Applications to be completed by: 31 July 2024

Bio to be proof read and approved by 31 August 2024

Locations identified by 31 August 2024