15. Johnsons The Cleaners

15. Johnsons The Cleaners

Johnsons Cleaners is a British brand with a heritage they are proud of. It all started back as 1817 when Johnson Brothers set up their silk dyeing business in Liverpool. They are proud of their unique heritage and their dry cleaning journey has now moved into its third century. They stay at the forefront of their industry, embracing new technologies and solutions.

At Johnsons they also care for the environment as well as your clothes. They co-founded and introduced into the UK market a new dry-cleaning solution called GreenEarth®. Based on silicon cleaning technology and not the traditional, harsher petrochemical solution, GreenEarth® is a gentle, environmentally non-toxic solution dry cleaning product. Proven to clean just effectively, but without the harsh chemical smell, because GreenEarth® is a gentler clean it can helping to protect your clothes and the environment at the same time. Johnson Cleaners are the only national retailer in the UK cleaning with GreenEarth®.


20A Cornmarket, Thame

01844 214443


Window display only. Visible all event


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