Sparksartists was formed in 2001 – 8 artists of various specialisms including painting, printmaking, book arts, textiles and mixed media who have a common commitment to their work as individual visual artists but also have a desire to collaborate and share ideas and experiences in a variety of areas of community arts. They have won awards for promoting visual arts participation within their community. Especially as part of the International drawing project “The Big Draw” in various locations in the Thame area since its inception 20 years ago. They have curated exhibitions in Thame Museum and Buckinghamshire County Museum as well as an exhibition at a National Trust Property in Norfolk in 2018.

Sparksartists will provide a series of connected mixed media art works that will hang from Thame library’s balcony. The works are titled “ Overview ” partly inspired by the recent Maps exhibition at the Bodleian Library, Oxford. 5 of the Sparksartists will be on display as part of Thame Art Crawl. Those included are:

Christine Taq:

The Sparksartists textile work for the Art Crawl began with a shared parachute which we cut up to each make a banner. No drones were used for my ‘Overview’ but initial drawn observation included imagined elements from fiction and history. On a similar theme ‘Vera’s Place‘ is an original print- a collagraph with chine colle. Contact me at

Heather Hunter:

My main inspiration for this ‘Overview’ exhibition was a bird’s eye view of allotments. The background to my hanging is made of WW11 parachute silk and is painted with natural dyes and inks. Walnut, spinach, bark, avocado, and madder. Living colour that will change over time as the soil and plants change over a year. I usually make Artists Books they can be seen on my web site To have the actual experience of my books they will be displayed in Turn End Gardens Studio (hopes to be reopen next year) and Buckinghamshire Craft Guild (open as usual). Contact: Heather Hunter at

Meryl Bird:

As well as being a member of Sparkartists, I’m a member of the Embroiderers guild. l specialise in Mixed Media and generally enjoy working within the subject of natural forms. See more of my work here 

Jan Ruddock

Currently I have been making painting about rock pools. I am drawn to the abstract qualities of the extraordinary forms and love the play of shadows and reflections in and on the water. I mostly paint in acrylics but I also work in clay and make installations. I have participated in Bucks Open Studios since 2011.

Ros Crouch

I use textiles and mixed media to express thoughts and feelings. Tree stumps in Cox Wood on the Cuttle Brook Reserve in Thame were the inspiration for an ‘Overview’ theme worked on upcycled parachute fabric.