Kirsteen Holuj

The manipulation of clay in the hand and its response is always an exciting experience, the way it can take any form or texture you choose to express – it is like no other material. Kirsteen Holuj describes herself as a maker of ceramics with an idea coming first, then the challenge of how to make it. To hand build, to throw, to mould; the design will always lead the method of making.
Inspiration mainly comes from nature – plants, pods, seeds, rocks and more recently landscapes. Regular visits to the Isle of Coll in the Inner Hebrides have also had an influence on her work; it is a unique place and it is not always instant or obvious but all the elements direct her work somehow, with a texture, colour, form or glaze.
Much of her recent work is fired in an electric kiln, which is fine but it does not satisfy the pyromaniac in her, so she also occasionally makes work that she can Raku fire, the process is so much more sensory … you can see the glazes melt, feel the heat of the fire, smell the smoke in the air. It is always has an element of unpredictability, and it can become addictive.

To purchase Kirsteen’s work please contact her through her website, or email her using the links above.