Karen Joy

Karen Joy originally trained as a picture restorer, going onto art college after this to gain a degree, but it was not until much later when her family grew up that she allowed herself the time to paint seriously. She started with watercolour where she learnt a lot about various techniques of general painting, but having discovered acrylics, she found what and where she was going with her art. She works quickly and energetically using multi layers and with constant movement as in the landscape, being inspired with the wonderful Oxfordshire skies as well as the woods with the light dappling through. The changing light and colour of moment to moment and day to day allows her endless source of material to paint.

She loves to take on commissions to paint scenes or an area of particular love.

If you would like to talk about any work or purchase any of Karen’s pieces from here or her Thame Art Crawl exhibition, please contact her by email or through her website on the links above.