Janine Dennington

After dabbling with art in her younger days, life became too busy with family and work for Janine Dennington to carry on with art at that time. However, due to a period of depression a few years ago, she once again took up the joys of painting. Having taken early retirement last year, she now spends most of her time in her studio. She enjoys working with acrylics on canvas and likes to create abstract works. Her fascination with nature (both human and otherwise) has grown and now inspires her art. The various forms of nature – the creation and destruction of life, the beauty within a darkness. Light, colour and magic – these are her inspirations! In her latest pursuits she is starting to exploring sculpture, using a combination of clay, wires and wood, also in an abstract form.

If you are interested in purchasing any of Janine’s work then she will be available to meet at Thame Museum for the 4 days of Thame Art Crawl – or you can do so through her website using the link above.