Helen MacRitchie

Helen is a textile artist working from her home studio in the village of Waterstock, and taking inspiration from the detail found in nature and science.

Helen generally bases her work on wet felted wool, adding other fibres with hand or free machine embroidery to create layered textural surfaces. Her design work is abstract in nature, employing mark making and allowing motif creation to develop from drawing and printing research. Helen originally trained as a pharmacist so there is often a medicinal or chemical source to her inspirations and designs. Her work takes many forms; from contemporary art hangings and sculptures for exhibition, to functional handbags and accessories.

While living abroad in Europe she studied design and embroidered textiles through City and Guilds, and continued working in textiles while in Australia for 15 years.
Since returning to the UK 14 years ago, she has continued exhibiting her textile art with Untethered Fibre Artists www.untetheredfibreartists.com in Australia, and Prism Textiles www.prismtextiles.co.uk and Seam Collective www.seamcollective.org in the UK. She sells her functional handbags and accessories through The Art and Craft Society www.artsandcraftsnsw.com.au in Australia, the Oxfordshire Craft Guild www.ocg.co.uk in UK, and various annual craft fairs such as Handmade in Oxford.

Helen has been commissioned privately in London and Sydney and won the Emerging Artist 3D award from Creates Gallery, Monmouth in 2019.

Helen’s work can be seen in Johnsons.