Asya Dudko

Asya Dudko moved to England from Russia more than ten years ago. Her lifetime interest has always been in Art and Design. In 2012, she completed her studies at Staffordshire University and was awarded a First Class Honours Degree in Interior Design. After working as an interior designer, she moved to a fascinationg sphere of teaching. Alongside her current job as an art tutor, she concentrates on creating her sculptures and paintings. Her art is the way she communicates with the world and it reveals thoughts, emotions and ideas that she wants to share with her audience. Her figures are created from airdrying clay sculpted over a support armature. The surface of every piece is textured and finished with oil and acrylics. Reliefs are shaped on canvas boards and painted to reveal the texture. Each piece has a story behind it but the interpretation is always subjective.

If you are interested in contacting Asya about her work, or to purchase any work on display as part of Thame Art Crawl – or those displayed here, please email her through the link above or contact her through her webpage.